Starting a New Job and Moving in Less than a Week

At the beginning of May my husband got a new job in Houston and he was required to be there, settled and ready to work, within a week. We have been living in Austin for 3 years now, so we have accumulated a fair amount of stuff. 

We agreed that he’d stay at a short-term rental apartment in Houston for the first couple of weeks while I stayed in Austin packing and getting our place rent ready.

On a Sunday we started planning for him to leave the next day, deciding what to take and what to leave, and by lunchtime I was so overwhelmed that I grabbed a cup of tea, went out to our deck and stared blankly into the abyss. He noticed my nervous breakdown and left me there to gather my thoughts and calm down a bit.

Half an hour later he came back to say “It’s ok. We don’t need to plan for the whole move. I’ve already gathered what I need to survive till next month, and it all fits in 2 bags”.    


It was such a relief to hear those words, that I went back inside and helped him pack his “Survival kit”. It included a mix of clothes, books, his favorite electric razor, his tablet and e-book reader, an incredible amount of different chargers, a french press for his morning coffee, and tons of toilet paper.

I remembered all of a sudden a friend of mine who moves every 3 months all over the country, and wondered how she managed that, so I gave her a call. She recommended Trünk Moves, so I went into their website and ordered one of their containers.  


I got the Trünk container on Wednesday and my husband helped me assemble it. We’re both terrible at handiwork so I was quite surprised when we managed to do it in less than three minutes.  

He brought his two bags of essentials and decided to take everything out and pack it directly in the container so that I could keep the suitcases for later. It all fit exactly into one Trünk and we even had some extra space for another pair of shoes.

My husband left for Houston that same Wednesday. We said goodbye and I went back to Trünk’s website and scheduled a pickup for Friday. The delivery guy arrived at noon. I’d left the Trünk at my doorstep so that he didn’t need to come inside. He picked it up and I got a tracking number via email.

That same night my husband called to tell me he’d arrived safely and I gave him the tracking number for the Trünk. On Saturday he sent me a message saying that the Trünk had just arrived! He unpacked it and used the empty Trünk as a case for home-office supplies. During the weekend he settled in and by Monday he was ready to start his new job.  

I still have to pack and move the rest of our stuff, and I’m seriously considering taking whatever fits into two Trünks and get rid of the rest.

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