Traveling Nurses Move During Pandemic

A few years ago Christy decided she needed a change from the hospital she worked in Greenville. Her motivation was to both be able to travel to different cities around the country not as a tourist but spend time living and working. It would also give her experience in diverse practice environments, competitive benefits and pay as well as free housing.

Most of my travelling nurse assignments have been just over 13 weeks but once COVID19 hit, I recently signed up for shorter term assignments that have me hopping from city to city. New York required rapid response and since my official home is in the South, there was no way I was driving there.

The agency provides paid travel (moving me and personal effects) and accommodations, so it allowed me to use two Trünks for my first assignment in NYC. 

What I like about Trünk

Trünk is awesome, I get more than two large suitcases worth of my things in there, they get picked up, show up a few days later and I have been using one of them as an entertainment system for my laptop when I am streaming videos on my off time. So far, I have used them three times now and in-between assignments, they store better than luggage because they fold down flat.

About Christy

Registered nurse with three years critical care experience who loves her profession and seeing new places.

Want to know about Trünk domestic MicroMoves? Learn more here.


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