Ship your Trünk

The check-in process for your Trünk Move consists on two steps:

1. Complete a Packing List

While you are packing, make sure to register the contents of each Trünk and provide all the details necessary to protect the items being shipped. You'll receive a copy of this information in your email.

Fill your Packing List here.

2. Get a Shipping Label 

When your Trünk has been packed and you are ready to complete your Trünk Move, please click the link below to provide information about the origin and destination of each Trünk and set a pickup date. We will review your information, send you a shipping label per Trünk, and confirm the pickup date to the email you provide.

Get you Shipping Label here.

International Moves

Additional to the Packing list, international Trünk Moves require the following files:

  • Identification: Passport of the OWNER of the personal effects being shipped, clearing showing both photo & detail information. 

  • Country-specific documentation: These documents may be required depending upon the destination you are shipping/moving to. 

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