Frequently Asked Questions

0. What is Trünk Moves

A Trünk Move is the combination of:

  • Award-winning Trünk microcontainers to keep your items safe.
  • Express shipping to transition faster into your new life.
  • Flat rate so you always know how much you're paying. 

With Trünk Moves protect your essentials, your time and your budget.

We offer shipping anywhere in the United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii, and select international destinations. To check the list of countries, visit the section called Price your Move. 

Trünk Moves is ideal for shipping personal items, such as clothes, kitchenware, electronic devices, home decor, bedding and others, as long as they fit inside a Trünk container.

We offer flat rates for each country of destination. To check our prices visit the section called Price your Move. 

Here are some numbers to consider when you're shipping your essentials with Trünk Moves:

∙ From the moment you place your order, you'll receive your Trünk containers within 3 to 6 business days.

You can take as long as you need to pack your items. 

To schedule a pickup allow a minimum of 2 business days notice. 

The shipping carrier will pick up your packed Trünk containers and deliver them to your new home within 10 business days.

NOTE: Packing prohibited and/or restricted items, national emergencies, weather events, acts of nature, acts of war, labor strikes, civil unrest can impact shipping times.

For Domestic Trünk Moves within the United States you need two documents:

1. Packing List 

While you are packing, make sure to register the contents of each Trünk and provide all the details necessary to protect the items being shipped. You'll receive a copy of this information in your email.

2. Shipping Label 

When your Trünk has been packed and you are ready to complete your Trünk Move, provide information about the origin and destination of each Trünk and set a pickup date. We will review your information, send you a shipping label per Trünk, and confirm the pickup date to the email you provide.

Additional to the Packing list, International Trünk Moves require the following files:

Identification: A required scan of your government issued identification clearing showing both photo & detail information. Suitable identification for international is a passport and or visa.

Country Specific Documentation: These documents may be required depending upon the destination you are shipping/moving to. 

1. Pricing

Our price per Trünk container includes:

A brand new Trünk delivered at your front door.

Pick-up of packed Trünk at your selected location. 

Shipping to a new destination. 

24/7 online tracking. 

Each Trünk Move is priced, fulfilled and tracked individually. We do not offer volume discounts.

Our prices are clearly displayed so you always know what you're paying for. 

NOTE: The following can result in additional charges and put your shipment at risk.

∙ Packing prohibited and/or restricted items.

∙ Packing items that are for commercial use.

∙ Exceeding the weight limit. 

∙ Exceeding the number of batteries allowed per Trünk container.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.   

There's one single price for shipping your Trünk anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Domestic shipping is priced per Trünk container. Visit Domestic Trünk Move to check our domestic flat rate.

For international moves we offer flat rates by country of destination. International shipping service is priced per Trünk container. Visit Price your Move and select the country of origin and destination to get the flat rate per Trünk.

Yes, we're all about reusability! If you have already purchased a Trünk microcontainer and want to use it on your next Trünk Move, you will get a discount. Contact us to get your discount. 

2. Placing an order

From the time you place your order, you'll receive your Trünk containers within 3 to 6 business days. You'll get a tracking number via email with the estimated date of delivery, and you can check for updates directly with the shipping carrier. Orders placed before 2pm CST on a business day are shipped the same day. Orders placed after 2pm CST are shipped the next business day. 

We do not accept returns of a purchased unused Trünk container. 

Why? Each Trünk microcontainer is delivered safely wrapped directly from the factory to our customer with the guarantee that all containers are in factory new condition and untouched by any outside party.

You can order a Trünk move even if you don't know your exact moving date. All you need to know at the moment of placing an order is your destination (domestic or international), the number of Trünk containers you want, and the address where you want to receive your Trünk containers to start packing. 

From the date you place your order, you have 60 days to ship your packed Trünk containers. Once you have a moving date, go to Check-In and select when you want your packed containers to be picked up. You can schedule a standard pickup between Monday through Friday during the times of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

3. Packing

Currently, we offer just one size of container, the Trünk. Why? Because the Trünk is specifically designed to optimize volume and weight for shipping. We have tested different container sizes and formats, and proved that this is the one that allows you to ship the most of your belongings via parcel, while keeping them safe. You can pack up to 110 pounds in each Trünk, the equivalent of what you'd pack in 2.5 large suitcases.

The outside dimensions of a Trünk container are 39 inches long, 23 inches wide and 18 inches tall (99 x 58 x 45 cm). The inside dimensions are 36 x 20 x 15 inches (91 x 51 x 38 cm). Trünk can be shipped and stored flat, it has a rectangular base and collapses to a height of 7 inches before being assembled.

The Trünk container does not include packing materials. You can find bubble-wrap and other cushioning materials at your local pack and ship store or with online providers.

In order to offer the highest level of protection for your items, we rely exclusively on Trünk. Our microcontainer is specifically designed to optimize volume and weight for shipping and keep your belongings safe all through the journey. For added protection, you can pack your own boxes inside a Trünk and keep track of it while it's being shipped.

The inside dimensions of a Trünk container are 36 x 20 x 15 inches (91 x 51 x 38 cm). If the item you want to ship is larger than a Trünk container, we don't provide shipping services for that item.

You can pack up to 110 pounds of your personal effects and valued goods, which is the equivalent of what you can pack in 2.5 large suitcases. It is very important to remain within the weight limits to avoid additional charges from the shipping carrier.   

You can purchase as many Trünks as you need. Each Trünk, holding up to 110 lbs, is priced, shipped and tracked individually. 

Yes. Trünk is an incredibly strong and lightweight shipping container, specifically designed to protect fragile and heavy items and keep your belongings safe all through the journey.  

Trünk is powered by Kübox technology, which has been recognized with the DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation  for excellence in Responsible Transportation packaging. It is the result of world-class packaging design and aerospace engineering. Learn more about our heavy-duty container technology here.   

Your packed items must not include: currency, silver and or gold coins, precious goods (jewelry), aerosol products, chemicals, cleaning products, guns, ammunition, explosive materials, biologic materials, opened liquids, flammable materials or liquids including perfumes, non-shelf stable food items, open food items, pharmaceutical drugs, illicit drugs, live animals, animal remains, human remains.  

Are there any additional items I cannot pack into my Trünk container if I am moving internationally?

The list of items prohibited for domestic Trünk Moves is the same for international moves, but depending upon your destination country additional restrictions may apply and often include pirated products, politically sensitive books audio (depending on the country), and pornographic materials (sometimes even in the form of art).

After you have finished moving and unpacking, Trünk microcontainers are yours to keep and reuse. Trünk can be used for storage or stored in a flat position until your next move. When you reuse the Trünk with a subsequent move you get a discount.

The Trünk was designed to be reused and the “how many times” depends on how the container has been handled by the carrier. It is not unusual for Trünk containers to be used more than six times and some users have shipped a Trünk up to 20 times.

Trünk is not waterproof, but using plastic stretch wrap or even kitchen plastic wrap can make Trünk water resistant. 

Trünk, while innovative, does not float.

4. Value Protection

Total Loss Only (TLO) protects your self-packed items in case of total damage or loss of the shipment. This does not compensate for any individual items damaged or lost.

This protection covers up to $1,000 value of your self-packed items, with a $100 coverage deductible that must be met or deducted from the total claim prior to any payment. Read Policy Terms and Conditions. 

You can purchase additional value protection.

Our standard price includes value protection of up to $1,000 per Trünk container. If you estimate that the value of the items you are shipping is higher than $1,000 you can purchase additional value protection after purchasing your Trünk Move.

Yes, you may choose to self-insure or use another way to protect the value of the goods being shipped, utilizing a renters or home owners insurance or other available means directly obtained by yourself.

No, value protection of up to $1,000 per Trünk microcontainer is a standard inclusion. Self-insurance or other obtained insurance by our customer will not discount the standard price of a Trünk move.

5. Shipping

Pickups take place threshold door, which is the easily accessible point free to public and driver access.

Some managed apartment complexes may require the driver to collect from a mailroom or other established pickup location inside your managed residential complex. If so, make sure your Trünk container is at that location on the pickup date. 


We ship and deliver your packed Trünk containers via our carrier partners, UPS, DHL, FedEx and others to your threshold door. Difficult access that includes multiple walk up stories, will often result in delivery to the accessible ground location where the driver can access the building.

Some managed apartment complexes may require the driver to deliver to a mailroom or other established delivery location inside your managed residential complex.  If your managed residence requires a security code for access, this must be provided. In some rare cases, other add on arrangements might be necessary at additional costs.


Yes, all carrier partners provide online 24/7 tracking of each Trünk microcontainer.

  • If your Trünk has not been shipped yet, you can update the pickup and delivery address on your order, by logging into your account.
  • If your Trünk is already in transit, contact us

Additional fees may apply for either option.

Yes, you may choose to have your packed Trünk container delivered to a UPS, DHL or FedEx location and held there until you are ready to pick up the container. Arrangements need to be done directly with the carrier pickup-location. Any additional fees incurred must be paid by you directly for that arrangement. For additional information contact us. 

Packing prohibited and or restricted items, national emergencies, weather events, acts of nature, acts of war, labor strikes, civil unrest can impact your move.  Scheduling a pickup from or delivery to a difficult or limited access location can negatively impact your experience.


Each Trünk microcontainer is transported by one of our carrier partners (FedEx, UPS, DHL or others) and depending upon the origin door location and the delivery door location, some delays can occur in transportation times. 

Yes. Each Trünk Move is priced, fulfilled and tracked individually. Therefore, you can select a different destination for each Trünk you ship.


  • Place your Order: The first step o f booking your Trünk Move is selecting the country of destination. It doesn't matter which city or state you're shipping to, if it's within the same country, the price is the same. 
  • Create your Shipping Label: Once you've purchased and received your Trünks, and you have finished packing, proceed to create a Shipping Label for each Trünk. In that file, you'll specify the address of origin and destination of each Trünk you're shipping.


If you are shipping to different countries, you can include it all in one order, as long as you determine how many Trünks are going to each country. 


If you are sending several Trünks to different places within the same country, you only need to place one order and indicate the number of Trünks you need. When you create the Shipping Labels for your Trünks, you'll specify the address of origin and destination for each Trünk you're shipping.

Yes. You can select a different pickup location for each Trünk you ship when you create create a Shipping Label. The shipping label includes:

  • Origin Address- where your Trünk will be picked up.
  • Destination Address: where your Trünk will be delivered.
  • Pickup date: the day the shipping carrier will come to your selected origin address and take your Trünk for delivery. 

 Yes. You can select a different pickup location for each Trünk you ship when you create create a Shipping Label.  

For addresses identified by you and the carrier as residential, the driver has the authority to automatically leave the shipment if the location is reasonably determined to be safe and secure.

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