As a vendor for UniGroup, Kübox’s Trunkmoves platform is ready for the smallest and most essential of your shipments.

The Trünk platform is available 24/7 for your team. Setting up an account takes only moments online. To learn more, book some time together with us here or jump right in to create your account.

Inclusive Service for countries served and priced per Trunk

  • Pricing: Online
  • Crate: Included in price delivered to packing location (residential and or business/warehouse location)
  • Pickup: Included Monday through Friday 9-5pm from warehouse or residence
  • Transit time to Delivery: 3-9 business days (after pickup)
  • Documentation: Included
  • Personal Effects Clearance: Included
  • Commercial Clearance: (1st line item included, additional line item $20 ea.)


FAQ and more

Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions

Discounts & Commission: As booking centers for UniGroup,  you’ll receive a $25 discount and a $35 commission at the time of booking (account required).

Air Cargo: While international shipments transport via air, parcel shipping is very different from traditional air cargo with faster transit times, faster clearance times, faster departure times & less expensive.

Our Sustainable Crate: Kübox crates are simple to use and need no tools to assemble. They are reusable with many users getting up to 20x reuse before restoration. With reuse being better than recycling, all materials used in the manufacturing of a Kübox are recyclable.

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