Sustainable Solutions for Moving

Moving green

Recycling has been overly praised through the years. Why? While it is good that we have discovered way to break down our waste and create something else with these recycled materials, that creation takes more energy. While it might be better than sending items to a landfill, our first step to living in a more sustainable way would be reuse.


Depending upon how old you are, there was a time in this country when bottles were collected by manufacturers, washed, refilled and available to consumers. The glass bottles were reused locally, sold locally, reclaimed locally until the glass was damaged. Once damages beyond reuse, the glass was collected and recycled.  That stopped when plastics became the “answer” to all things holding liquid, we were told that we could recycle these plastics. Don’t look to the giant floating mass of plastic waste in our oceans or that not all plastics can be recycled.  

How Kübox is making our stand to reduce waste, promote reuse and hopefully change behavior

At Trunkmoves, we base all essential moves on a reusable parcel shipping crate.  Here we combine the reusable parcel crate with parcel shipping using DHL, FedEx, UPS and other global brands to make shipping safer, better, faster and simpler.

Keeping packing materials out of the landfill

How does Kübox’s Trunkmoves change behavior?

Everyone who uses Trunkmoves can reuse their parcel crates again and again. Some might get 30 times reuse before the crates needs to be restored. Think about the bottles that were once collected, washed and sent back out again. We do that same thing during the restoration process by sending the user the parts need for restoration and to get that crate used again for shipping.

Share reusable packaging materials and you'll consume less

When a user returns to ship again using their crate, we discount the service as a reward and hopefully change some behavior towards reuse. Any owner of our crates can also share their crate or sell it to another person who can come to our site and receive the same discount because they decided to reuse rather than purchase new. You'll be move green.


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