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With our award-winning and proven microcontainer for protecting fragile items, at Trünk Moves we offer contact-free moves that help you safely ship your essentials.  


How does a Trünk Move work?

1. Select your destination.

One flat rate per country of destination for each Trünk you ship. 


2. Order the number of Trünks you need for your move.

Each Trünk holds up to 110 pounds, the equivalent of 2.5 large suitcases.

3. Get Trünk delivered at your door.

No one needs to come into your home. Trünk arrives flat and takes minutes to assemble without additional tools. 

4. Pack at your own pace and convenience. 

Keep track of your packed items by filling a Packing List.

5. Schedule a pickup.

Receive your Shipping Label via email ready to print. The shipping carrier picks up your packed Trünks at your front door.

6. Track online 

Get a tracking code for each Trünk, and check for updates online. 

7. Receive your packed Trünks at your new home.

Trünk is yours to keep, unpack, use as storage and reuse for your next move. 



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