Moving to North Carolina $399

Moving to North Carolina $389


If you're considering moving to North Carolina, you already know you want to move there.  We don’t need to tell you all the beautiful places to live. You already know these things and what you’re probably wondering is how much will it cost to move to North Carolina (See price below).

For larger moves or moving all your household goods and furniture, it will start with a moving survey. A moving survey is a room by room survey of all items you want to move to your new home in Maine.  Before you schedule a survey with a mover, you should take time to determine what you want to move, each piece you move will raise the price of your move. Start thinking about what you want to keep and what you want to give away or sell.

Moving your essentials to North Carolina

OK, now you’re ready, you’ve signed your contract for your big move to North Carolina, now you’re trying to lock in the schedule of your move. This is probably the most difficult of steps because movers are busy, and they may only have a few days available for your move and the bad news is that those days they have open probably don’t fit with your schedule. Now your mind is reeling, and the stress is building because you scheduled to close on the residence and your move in date is way off from when the movers can move you to North Carolina.  What to do?  Who wants to put off all these beautiful places and North Carolina BBQ!?


Moving to North Carolina to eat bbq

We recommend shipping your essentials using our award winning and reusable parcel crates to get the most important items to your home while you await your big move. So, how much does it cost and what does it include?

$399 per crate from any location in the continental 48 states to North Carolina.  Included in the price is our parcel crate, door to door service, and up to $1000 of value protection. We call this service an advanced move of your essentials. You can read more about our domestic service here.

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