Trünk Brand Ambassador Affiliate Program


  • Tier One: affiliate for Trünk brand ambassadors
    • Sign up as an affiliate, then indicate your interest in becoming a Trünk brand ambassador.
  • Tier Two: affiliate for Trünk brand ambassadors & parcel assist
    • Sign up as an affiliate, then indicate your interest in becoming a Trünk brand ambassador for your retail pack and ship store.
  • Tier Three: affiliate for Trünk brand ambassadors, parcel & freight (Toolbox)
    • Sign up as an affiliate, then indicate your interest in becoming a Trünk brand ambassador for your retail pack and ship store offering shipping solutions for your customers. 


The TrunkMoves brand ambassador program offers a three-tier system that empowers ambassadors to engage potential customers and refer them to, our platform for providing convenient and affordable trunk and parcel shipping services. This comprehensive program provides opportunities for brand ambassadors to earn commissions, increase their revenue streams, and contribute to the growth of both Kübox and TrunkMoves. Let's explore the program and the revenue streams it generates.


Tier One Brand Ambassadors:

Tier one brand ambassadors participate in a simple referral system, utilizing a unique website referral link or discount code. When customers use the referral link or discount code to receive a discount on our services, the tier one brand ambassador earns a commission per trunk used in our service. This incentivizes ambassadors to actively promote and refer customers to Additionally, tier one brand ambassadors gain access to our mobile Point of Sale (POS) system, enabling them to engage customers at retail settings, pop-up events on college campuses, or private organizations for fundraising purposes. This flexible approach enhances their revenue generation potential.


Tier Two Brand Ambassadors:

Tier two brand ambassadors enjoy the benefits of tier one and expand their revenue streams by utilizing our contract rates with FedEx for parcel shipping. Leveraging these discounted rates, tier two brand ambassadors can offer competitive pricing to customers, attracting more business and increasing their earnings. This additional revenue stream adds value and profitability to their brand ambassadorship.


Tier Three Brand Ambassadors:

Tier three brand ambassadors have access to all tier one and tier two options, and they unlock further revenue opportunities. These ambassadors can take advantage of FedEx's freight box and aggressively discounted freight services, enabling them to cater to less-than-truckload shipments and international freight. This expansion into the freight industry allows tier three brand ambassadors to tap into a wider market and generate significant revenue through larger shipments and international logistics.


Revenue Streams:

  1. Commission from Trunk Usage: Tier one brand ambassadors earn a commission per trunk used by customers referred through their website link or discount code. The more customers they refer, the higher their commission revenue.


  1. Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Engagements: Tier one brand ambassadors can engage customers directly, whether at retail settings or pop-up events. The sales made through the mobile POS contribute to their commission earnings.


  1. Parcel Shipping Discounts: Tier two brand ambassadors access discounted parcel shipping rates through our contract with FedEx. They can offer competitive pricing, attracting more customers and generating additional revenue.


  1. Freight Services: Tier three brand ambassadors unlock the potential for significant revenue by utilizing FedEx's freight box and discounted freight services. They can handle less-than-truckload shipments and international freight, expanding their customer base and revenue streams.


The TrunkMoves brand ambassador program provides a comprehensive platform for ambassadors to engage customers, refer them to, and earn commissions. With three tiers offering various benefits and revenue streams, brand ambassadors can increase their earnings based on their level of participation and the scope of services they offer. This program not only benefits Kübox and TrunkMoves by driving sales and expanding our customer base but also provides brand ambassadors with a profitable and flexible business opportunity.


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