Trünk Moves Affiliate Program

 for lead retargeting

When someone you refer purchases a Trünk Move,

you get a $25 reward and they get a $25 discount per Trünk container. 

What you get

  • Referral link - When your contact clicks on your referral link, the discount code is automatically applied at checkout.

  • QR code - When your contact clicks on your QR code, the discount code is automatically applied at checkout.

  • Discount code - Your discount code can be entered manually at checkout by your contact to get the discount.

  • Dashboard - Online dashboard to monitor your sales performance.

Marketing Tools

  • Email templates - Custom messages for you to introduce Trünk as a solution to your contacts.

  • Advertising materials - Download and share materials for email, social media and print.

  • Landing page (optional) - A branded page with your logo, select destinations and a link to your website.  The purchase does not need to happen on your contact’s first visit to your landing page. If they place an order within 300 days of visiting your landing page, you get rewarded. Check a preview of the landing page here.

How it works

  • Advertise - Share your referral link, discount code and QR code on your website, emails and social media. 

  • Connect - Your contact clicks on your referral link, uses your QR code and/or discount code. 

  • Buy - Your contact places an order with your discount code. 



    • Your contact gets a discount of $25 and you get a reward of $25 per Trünk container. 
    • Your referral link, discount code, and QR code are shareable. Your contacts can share them with their family and friends and reach a wider base. Every time your discount code is used, you get rewarded.

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    Questions about our affiliate program? 

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