Moving Safely during COVID-19

My wife and I had been planning for months to move from Dallas to Colorado to be closer to our family when our new baby comes, and after lots of research we found our perfect house, right by the lake. We’d already started packing when everything came to a halt due to the COVID19 epidemic.

The moving company was supposed to come in two days to do an in-home estimate, but we were now very concerned about people coming in and out of the house.  

The alternative of renting a truck and moving cross country with my pregnant wife while keeping social distance was proving very challenging. In order to save on our move we had planned on asking friends and neighbors for used boxes, but now that didn’t seem like such a good idea either.

After thinking that we’d have to postpone our move indefinitely, my wife found a service that required no contact with movers or trucks, not even a visit to the packing supplies store.

They stated that moving one Trünk within the US was one flat price, regardless of the distance of the move. We decided to give it a try, and ordered a Trünk to test it out.

The first surprise was receiving one carefully wrapped container directly on our front door. Trying to be extra careful, I took the Trünk out of its wrapping before taking it inside our home. I then put the Trünk together and was amazed at how light it was.


The next decision was what to pack and ship to test for safety. We went around the house collecting fragile items, from figurines to our favorite dinnerware. Using bubble wrap, newspapers and even clothes and towels to wrap our belongings, we did our best to make sure they’d travel safely all the way to Colorado.     


We scheduled a pickup for the next day and left the packed Trünk at our front door, after cleaning it with sanitizing wipes. We want the delivery staff to be safe too! The delivery driver picked up the Trünk the next day, and we didn´t even need to open the door. He was wearing gloves and a mask so we were thankful for his precautions.  

We’d asked my sister-in-law who lives in Colorado if we could use her address to have the Trünk delivered to her and she agreed. Within 2 days she told us she’d received the Trünk at her doorstep. We asked her to open it and check our belongings. She sent us a picture, and we were happy to see everything was exactly as we’d packed it and every item had survived the journey!   


Having proved successful, we decided to order three more Trünks and ship our most important items with their online service at

We’re driving all the way from Dallas to Denver with the rest of our smaller belongings packed in bags and we’re no longer worried about our furniture because we managed to sell it online.

We´re now ready for the most exciting delivery of our lives, the arrival of our baby!  

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