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Trünk offers essential moving services to and from the United Kingdom.
The perfect moving system for shipping what is essential. If you are only moving a small amount of your valued goods or if you have a larger move via ocean, our micro move solution is a perfect add on to get what's needed there fast.

Curious about how much it costs to move to the United Kingdom Find out just how much it will cost to move your essential personal effects to the United Kingdom. 

Due to the current corona virus / COVID-19 situation and restrictions in various countries, the below information may not be accurate. This pandemic is a fluid situation. Check with authorities for local laws and restrictions concerning movements.


Trunk move to the United Kingdom
Destinations to consider for your move to United Kingdom
London Edinburgh  Manchester  Birmingham  Glasgow  Bristol  Liverpool  Cardiff Leeds  Nottingham  Belfast  Oxford  Cambridge  Bath Aberdeen
Below are document requirements and information regarding the United Kingdom to better plan your move. These are documents needed when importing your personal effects tax and or duty free into the United Kingdom. Contact your local consulate or UK Revenue for up to date information on how to import personal effects tax free.


Documents Required

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Bill of lading (BL) / air waybill (AWB)
  • Packing list in English
  • Transfer or Residency (ToR Apply here
  • Diplomatic entry form C426 (diplomats)

Specific Information

  • As of 1/1/17, owners of the goods must go online to apply for a Transfer of Residence (ToR).
    • An approval will allow the owner of the goods to import their personal & household effects goods into the UK with relief from import duties and charges.
    • Application must be made before packing shipment.
    • Once approval is obtained, the owner of the goods will be given a Unique Reference Number (URN) which will need to be passed onto UK Customs in place of the previous customs form C3.
    • The C3 form will become obsolete on 3/31/2017 and will not be acceptable for Customs clearance after this date.
    • The link to the ToR application can be found at the end of this document in ‘Consignment Instructions.’
    • Contact destination agent for further questions.
  • Documents must be received by agent prior to arrival of the shipment.
  • The agent may charge fees for incomplete or delayed receipt of documentation.
  • Inherited goods require C1421 form, copy of death certificate, and copy of the living will
  • You must submit the ToR application within 12 months of the date of entry into the UK.
  • You can bring personal belongings or private vehicles free of duty and tax as long as you:
    • are moving your normal place of residence to the UK only
    • have had your normal place of residence outside the EU for a continuous period of at least 12 months
    • have possessed and used the belongings for at least 6 months outside the EU before they're imported

Restricted/Dutiable Items

  • Firearms, explosives, and ammunition
  • Fruit, vegetable, and plant products
  • Cigarettes (200), cigarillos (100), cigars (50), tobacco (250g)
  • Spirits / liqueurs (more than 22% - 1 liter)
  • Fortified wine or alcohol less than 22% (2 liters), still wine (4 liters), beer (16 L)
  • Imitation firearms
  • Offensive weapons
  • Live animals
  • Endangered animals or plants and products thereof (required a valid CITES permit)
  • Fur skins and articles made from fur skin
  • Radio transmitters
  • Rough diamonds
  • Animal food products

    Prohibited Items

    • Illicit drugs
    • Knives
    • Self-defense sprays
    • Stun guns
    • Indecent and obscene material
    • Counterfeit, pirated and patent-infringing goods
    • Milk products from outside the European Union (England, Scotland)

    Cultural and Other Information

    CIA World Factbook Entry for United Kingdom Wikipedia Entry for United Kingdom

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