Trünk Affiliate and Reward Program Launches

Affiliate and Rewards

Trünk's affiliate program is launched and invites individuals, social media influencers, social media marketers, moving and relocation industry influencers, college students and military families to join us. 

With Trünk, it pays to be social.

How it works

Sign Up: Simply go to our Affiliate signup page, enter your information, click Join. If you do not have a website, don't worry, you don't need one to post on social media.

Making a Social Media Post: Once your Affiliate account is authorized, you'll be invited back to your affiliate profile page. There you'll see artwork and links you can paste to your Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts you use everyday. 

How You Earn Rewards: Each time your affiliate link to Trünk is opened, you'll be able to see how many of your social community have visited our site.  Each time that user purchases a Trünk move, you'll be automatically rewarded with $20 and they'll get a $10 discount.

How the Affiliate Code is Tracked: We use a technology called a "cookie" and when a friend or someone in your social community clicks on your affiliate link, a safe & secure cookie is sent to their computer or mobile phone. Don't worry, every website uses cookies to improve the visitors online experience. Probably the last time you returned to your favorite website, the content you see or how the website interacts with you is because of a cookie that helps things along.


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